The idea of using food-based ingredients in beauty treatments is certainly nothing new. Cleopatra reportedly bathed in milk to keep her skin smooth, and Helen of Troy is said to have used olive oil as a moisturizer. More than ever, we’re seeing beauty companies capitalize on our food-obsessed culture by launching new products made from trendy food ingredients.

In February, Tarte will launch a new collection created from a blend of five antioxidant-rich “super fruits” (acai, goji berries, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate) that provide just as many benefits for your skin as they do for your health. I recently tested the new line and am now obsessed with the acai boost lip gloss which comes in stylish see-through packaging.

The all-natural British beauty line Nude, which made its U.S. debut this fall and is being sold at Barney’s, takes things a step further by tapping into probiotics (bacteria) and prebiotics (the sugars that bacteria feed on) – something which chef David Bouley has been trying out for his healthy-cuisine at St. Regis Tenemos in Anguilla. I met Nude’s creator, Bryan Meehan (a founder of the British organic food stores Fresh & Wild which was sold to Whole Foods), when he was in New York for the launch, and I confessed to being a bit squeamish about putting bacteria on my face. But he insisted Americans needed to get past the yuck factor. After a week of using the Cleansing Facial Wash, I did. The products have a lovely subtle fragrance and my skin had a more even tone and a noticeable glow. Another great thing about this new line is the modern cube-shaped packaging, which is made from 40% postindustrial recycled plastic.

And last week, Origins announced its Organics line, which is now certified "organic" by the USDA. This means the ingredients are literally good enough to eat. Six products bear the "USDA Organic" seal you usually look for at the supermarket. With the cold weather here, I know I’ll be using their ultramoisturizing Soothing Lip Balm.