He'll be the resident wine expert and DJ and Los Angeles' Hearth & Hound.

By Elisabeth Sherman
August 17, 2017
Daniel Zuchnik / David M. Benett / Getty Images

An interesting collaboration has hit the restaurant industry: Mike D of the Beastie Boys will be working with sommelier Taylor Parsons on the wine list at April Bloomfield’s new L.A. restaurant, Hearth & Hound.

According to a preview of the new eatery from Bloomberg, Hearth & Hound will open this September. It will diverge from Bloomfield’s Spotted Pig, which is known for its burgers, serving more vegetables and poultry near an open hearth, complete with a roaring fire.

Hearth & Hound will open in the old location of The Cat & Fiddle, a pub frequented by musicians in bands like The Smiths and Guns & Roses. The co-owner of the new restaurant, Ken Friedman, who comes from the music industry, is capitalizing on that heritage. He’s hired Mike Diamond, otherwise known as Mike D, of the Beastie Boys, a known wine aficionado, to help Parsons write the wine list.

“It’s going to be a fun list,” Diamond told Bloomberg. “We are putting together a wine program that will get customers tasting things they might not taste. If you like California Syrah, I might point you towards a wine from another part of the world that’s a better value. We’re going to pour half-bottles, so you can try different things.”

He also assures readers that the main wine list will be accessible to anyone and that he's also working on putting together a reserve list that is "digging deeper in the crates."

Bloomfield describes the flavors at her new restaurant as “a little bit of fresh, a little bit of fat.” While she says there will be duck and chickens on the menu, there will only be a little bit of beef—and this might be shocking—no burger. Another diversion from the Spotted Pig: Hearth & Hound will take reservations.

Friedman hopes that Mike D will also serve as the restaurant’s occasional DJ, though Diamond thinks that “DJ-ing with turntables when people are eating; I don’t know if that would be fun for anybody.” Regardless, there will be turntables and a collection of vinyl records on hand, making this new restaurant just as dedicated to highlighting its musical heritage as it is its culinary heritage.