Episodes of The Big Family Cooking Challenge are slated to premiere on BBC 2 in Summer 2017.

By Gillie Houston
Updated June 06, 2017
BBC headquarters
A general view of Broadcasting House, the headquarters of the BBC on May 12, 2016 in London, England.
| Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty

Fans of the beloved cooking competition show The Great British Bake Off were shaken to their reality TV-watching core when it was announced the show would be moving from its home on the BBC to another station for the next season. This move prompted the exit of three of the show's four hosts. However, those wary about the future of the cheeky competition might have hope for a new television obsession– created by the same people who oversaw the production of Bake Off itself.

The drama around the baking competition first began when it was announced the show would be moving to Britain's Channel 4 after the BBC was unable to come up with the $33 million annual fee for its airing rights. Now, the creation department at the publically funded network has announced a new cooking showdown for which they would own the rights: The Big Family Cooking Challenge.

The new show, which has yet to cast judges or begin production, will run for 12 episodes and focus on family teams of amateur cooks in their own homes facing different culinary challenges from week-to-week. Just like Bake Off before it, one family will be eliminated each week based on the quality of the food until one surname reins supreme.

Though the premise is slightly different—and no large white tent is apparently involved in the revamped and reformatted show—many view the familiar title as a nod from the network that this is their new version of the celebrated baking show. Episodes are slated to premiere on BBC 2 in Summer 2017, giving you plenty of time to catch up on every back episode of the original baking competition—cakes, cookies, and crumpets included.