Impress a panel of elite judges with your Baurun ribs and become a revered Brigadier in this engrossing animated game.

battle chef brigade
Credit: Courtesy of Trinket Studios

Chefs regularly take down monstrous challenges in the kitchen, but this newly released role playing game lets them (and you) take down monsters in the dazzling and competitive realm of Victusia.

If you’ve ever wanted to join an elite team of monster-fighting chefs, Battle Chef Brigade is the cooking anime RPG made just for you. Developed by Trinket Studios, players help a rising chef fight monsters, cook them up and transform them into delicious cuisine before serving them in a realm-wide competition to a panel of Victusian judges. Part culinary competition, part arcade brawler, part fantasy adventure, Battle Chef Brigade features a series of puzzle and platform scenes (think Mario jumping between tiered levels of grassy run) that help move you and your character through the tournament and closer to their goal of becoming a Brigadier.

Using elements of popular cooking competitions like Iron Chef ensures this isn’t a move-at-your-own-pace game. You’ll hunt monsters using combo-based attacks and through a series of puzzle-based cooking challenges, and attempt to serve your (winning) dishes before the clock runs out. Daggers, magic, and powerful punches help you take down monsters (and swipe vegetables off bushes) before you return to the kitchen to whip up high-point, elemental ingredient dishes made with varying degrees of difficulty. Plates include everything from Cheepchi egg tiramisu to scowl feet and Armarock liver.

You’ll do all of this in a mysterious, colorful world of hand-drawn characters and monsters, playing as either Mina—the runaway daughter of Chinese restaurant owning family—or Thrash, Mina’s large, green orc friend from the West Ocean Tribe. Both have preferred weapons, favorite foods, and strengths that help them appease the judges’ palate and deliver strong reviews as they compete against the realm’s other chefs also vying to serve on the Brigade.

The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch and Steam, and soon to be available on PlayStation 4, at Humblestore and Backerkit. Join the tournament for a mere $20 to see whether you “have the chops to join the brigade.”