Baskin-Robbins Adds Plant-Based, Non-Dairy Flavors

Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Extreme have a coconut oil and almond butter base.

Just last week, PETA released a list rating ice cream chains on vegan-friendliness, and oddly enough, one of the largest brands — Baskin-Robbins — didn't get a grade. The chain's rating was simply "deferred" because PETA said they wanted to "keep an eye out for what the summer of 2019 may bring." Apparently, PETA knew something was in the pipeline: Today, Baskin-Robbins announced it has finally added two vegan, non-dairy ice cream options to the menu.

Though Baskin-Robbins currently has other non-dairy choices like "ices" and "sorbets," these two new vegan flavors go the trendy "plant-based" route, using a blend of coconut oil and almond butter to truly be "non-dairy ice creams" (emphasis on the creamy). "The Baskin-Robbins culinary team has been hard at work on our non-dairy flavors for over two years. It was important for us to take the time to get it right," Jeanne Bolger, the brand's director of research and development, said in the announcement. "Both flavors are so smooth and indulgent, and the final product delivers the incredible quality that our customers have come to expect from any Baskin-Robbins ice cream. We're very proud of the result."


The first flavor, Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, is said to be "made with cookie dough pieces, chocolate chunks and a chocolate ribbon." Meanwhile, the second option, Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme, "contains chocolate chunks and a chocolate ribbon, and is also gluten conscious," according to the brand. Both flavors should be available in-shop starting August 1 — though Baskin-Robbins reminds customers that you can have them delivered by DoorDash, too.

"We're excited to expand our ice cream portfolio into the vegan space and offer our guests increased options, especially with such high consumer demand for a product like this," Carol Austin, Baskin-Robbins' vice president of marketing, added. Turns out everyone wants to get into the plant-based game, even if they don't have any meat to go meatless with.

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