The event also raised money and donated food to local charities.
Credit: Sean_Warren/Getty Images

Animal House celebrated its 40th anniversary this year (on July 28 for the detail-oriented) and whether it’s one of your favorite movies or your father’s favorite movies or, dear lord, your grandfather’s favorite movies, the 1978 flick is undeniably a comedy classic. To pay tribute to the film, and attempt to get more mess-loving baseball fans into seats, the minor league baseball team the St. Paul Saints recently held a theme night where attendees were encouraged to recreate one of John Belushi’s most famous scenes with a ballpark-wide food fight.

Though watching minor league baseball on TV isn’t something most of us do on a regular basis, thankfully, cameras were rolling and announcers were commentating so you can catch all the action without being pelted with any of the mess. After a double play ended the fifth inning, the crowd—almost entirely covered in Saints rain ponchos (you can see at least one brave sosouloing at it uncovered)—rose to their feet. “Keep an eye on the screen and get your food ready,” an announcement said over the PA system. “Remember, keep it off the field.” The iconic clip was then shown on the ballpark jumbotron. As soon as Belushi’s Bluto character yelled, “Food fight!” it was on.

According to KARE 11, the resulting food throwing chaos was partaken in by 8,000 fans as “Louie Louie” played in the background. But even more amazingly is that when time was called on the approximately 90-second mess, fans were pretty cool about wrapping things up and letting the teams get back to baseball just a minute or so later.

Importantly, one big thing that has changed since 1978 is our increased concern about food waste—so yes, an 8,000-person food fight doesn’t quite jibe with modern sensibilities. However, the Saints tried to keep this in mind. Fans were encouraged to bring non-perishable food that would be donated to charity and for every dollar the Saints spent on food used in the fight, the team donated a dollar a local food bank. It could actually be the most sensible thing the raunchy ‘70s comedy ever inspired.