Be prepared to tip more than a dollar a drink.
Credit: Milan Virijevic/Getty Images

Tipping your bartender is an absolute must, but who hasn’t seen one twist the cap off a Bud Light and wondered, I gotta tip for that? Thankfully, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Stephen Molloy. The Northern Ireland native went viral over the weekend by wowing Reddit with a video showing some of the slickest sleight of hand you may ever see behind a bar. Sure, Tom Cruise helped spark a generation of bottle-flipping in the 1988 movie, Cocktail, but Molloy’s work is pure magic… literally.

You can watch the entire 61-second video below, but what starts as three limes on a napkin quickly turns into giggles of disbelief, awed silences, and a freakin’ whole fruit salad as Molloy offers up his citrusy twist on the classic cups and balls trick. Thankfully, the performance is filmed so you can go back and rewatch it as much as you want, seeing if you can pick out the methods behind his magic. He also took the time to respond to an insane number of comments on the Reddit thread, so if you have any questions, you might be able to find an answer there.

To be fair, according to the website for his company Collective Excellence, Molloy is more than just your average bartender. His bio bills him as the “Training and Consultancy Director.” “Drawing on more than 18 years of experience working and training staff at the highest level of the hospitality industry, both in the UK and internationally, Stephen Molloy has worked to foster the attitude, knowledge, and skillset, in himself and those around him, necessary to reach the pinnacle of the hospitality craft,” it states. “He has added to this with everything from training as a school teacher, to working with vulnerable persons advocacy groups, through to excelling as a professional magician, so as to be able to better connect, engage, and educate.” Alright, yeah, yeah, yeah… but how much per hour to teach me how to make an orange appear out of nowhere?