Courtesy of Cigar Dojo and Camacho

“An entirely unique smoking experience for craft fanatics.”

Mike Pomranz
June 21, 2017

First came the stout – a bolder version of that classic dark beer style, the porter. Then brewers decided to make the stout even more intense in flavor – as well as in alcohol – and the “Imperial Stout” style was born. More recently, looking to kick everything up another notch, breweries began to age their Imperial Stouts in bourbon barrels, creating super-boozy whiskey-tinged monsters. Hell, what’s next: Wrapping the whole thing in a cigar so you can smoke it? Apparently, yes.

This week, social cigar app Cigar Dojo and cigar brand Camacho have announced “an entirely unique smoking experience for craft fanatics” – an “Imperial Stout Barrel Aged” cigar flavored with none other than the acclaimed craft beer stalwart, Oskar Blues Ten FIDY.

For Camacho, this new product isn’t the first time they’ve used the hot concept of barrel-aging in a cigar. In 2015, the brand barrel-aged tobacco in American whiskey barrels to create their “American Barrel-Aged” cigar. For this new collaboration, the Colorado-based Cigar Dojo was able to secure four barrels of Barrel Aged Ten FIDY from the popular Colorado brewery Oskar Blues. These barrels were sent to a facility in Danlí, Honduras, “where Camacho’s prized Original Corojo tobaccos were meticulously aged and rotated within the beer and whiskey-soaked barrels for a minimum of six months,” according to a press release. The result is a cigar that “kicks off with a punchy spice, which is later rounded out by loads of roasted malts, dark chocolate, and a touch of sweet vanilla/bourbon buzz in the retrohale.”

Only 4,000 of these cigars were rolled for the first batch. They’ll be available starting June 30 exclusively through Smoke Inn Cigars (which has both an online store as well as brick-and-mortar locations in Floridaand North Carolina). The cigars aren’t cheap: $9.95 a pop. But then again, just like Imperial Stout isn’t intended for slamming on a summer’s day, these Imperial Stout Barrel Aged cigars sound like they’re best saved for a special occasion.