You can stagger your wakeup time to match the exact minute your coffee is done brewing. 

By Nina Huang
Updated December 27, 2019
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Many of us may enjoy waking up to a hot cup of coffee, but, in reality, that much-needed boost of energy usually comes after completing a series of mundane tasks, like washing our faces and brushing our teeth. So in 2016, when U.K.-based company Barisieur announced a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to create an alarm clock that simultaneously brews coffee, there was a flurry of excitement. And, after much waiting, Barisieur’s bedside coffee maker alarm clock officially launched this November.

Since its release, the company has already sold thousands of units, according to The Washington Post. But fortunately for coffee fans who haven’t yet bought one, Nordstrom is currently offering a stylish walnut and black version for 40 percent off.

The retailer is slashing prices for Barisieur’s alarm clock as part of its massive Half-Yearly Sale, and right now, you can order this—in our opinion, super necessary—alarm for a wildly discounted $267. While it looks a bit like something out of a Victorian apothecary, the product itself is incredibly easy to use.

Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock
Credit: Nordstrom

This appliance lets you set separate brewing and alarm times, so you can stagger your wakeup time to match the exact minute your coffee is ready. The digital display dims its brightness in low-light environments, and the induction coil in Barisieur’s coffee maker alarm boils the water safely. As for how much coffee you’ll wake up to, the boiling vessel can hold up to seven ounces of hot water, and brews a 5.4-ounce cup of coffee each time. There is also a milk vessel for those who enjoy lattes, this alarm clock from Barisieur is even capable of brewing loose-leaf tea.

At its current 40-percent-off markdown, there is no better time to bring home this viral gadget. But if you’ve been waiting to snap up one of Barisieur’s coffee maker alarm clocks, you better hurry: We’re already seeing falling numbers in stock, and the amount of viewers eyeing it on Nordstrom are only rising by the minute.

Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock
Credit: Nordstrom

To buy: $267 (originally $445);