Here's How to Get the Barilla 'Pasta Bag' That Went Viral on Twitter

Designer Nik Bentel is selling a limited number of the box-shaped bags.

When New York-based artist and designer Nik Bentel ate what he described as "his 100th bowl of penne pasta" during the stay-at-home part of the pandemic last year, he found himself staring at that familiar-to-everyone blue Barilla pasta box. He started thinking about what he could do with the box, and about what it could possibly become, and the answer, he decided, was a handbag.

Barilla pasta handbag

Bentel has reimagined Barilla's iconic box as a leather bag, complete with a stitched leather handle, a gold chain shoulder strap, and all of the details that you'd expect on a box of penne. (Minus the actual pasta inside, obviously.) The Barilla logo, nutrition information panel, cooking instructions, and all of the other details have been UV-printed onto blue leather.

"The bag is an irreverent take on the past year of staying inside," Bentel explained in a statement. "Using the mundane objects we had lying around during the pandemic, and turning them into something a little more thrilling for our post-pandemic world. The goal of the bag is to inspire a little bit of thought and reflection on being able to create something exciting from the mundane." Before you ask, no, the project isn't affiliated with Barilla itself. In an interview with AOL, Bentel said that he's "pretty sure" the Parma, Italy-based pasta maker knows about it though.

Barilla pasta handbag

In addition to designing the must-have bag of the summer, the 27-year-old is currently working on a Master's Degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. "It was probably right around this time last summer when we are all (kind of) still being told to stay inside," he told the outlet. "After that, I decided, 'You know what? I'm going to spend the next week trying to figure out how to get this [Pasta Bag] done.' If it seems like a feasible project, I can put down the money to figure out how to get this made. Talk to some professionals [who can] help me figure out how to get this bag to be really amazing."

Bentel made a limited edition of 100 Barilla Pasta Bags, and it will be released on the Nikolas Bentel Studio website on Wednesday, August 11. It retails for $199.

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