By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 02, 2015
© Brian Fitzsimmons

The innovations in savory-scented scratch-off lottery tickets are coming in fast now. Back in January, New Hampshire put savory scratchers on the map when the state issued what they claimed to be the first ever bacon-scented tickets, leaving previous scents like bubblegum and chocolate in the dust. Not to be outdone, in June, Indiana announced their new, also bacon-scented tickets would give gamers the chance to win a 20-year supply of actual bacon.

But bacon is just one of many amazing pork products, that’s why North Carolina is giving its state-sponsored gambling an olfactory-focused makeover. The Tarheel State added a new line of lottery offerings called BBQ Bucks—scratch-off tickets that claim to smell like a full plate of smoky barbecue. And like Indiana’s bacon-scented scratchers, BBQ Bucks will also offer non-winners the chance to fully redeem themselves with a “1,000 Lbs of Pork Giveaway” second-chance drawing. Losing never tasted so delicious! (For the record, that’s ten winners each getting 100 pounds of pork. Even in North Carolina, shipping 1,000 pounds of barbecue to one person’s door is a bit excessive.)

The $2 tickets that offer up top prizes of $25,000 went on sale yesterday at barbecue restaurants in the state. The only downside is that even lottery officials admit the tickets can’t compare to actually grabbing some authentic North Carolina barbecue. “I can tell you that there was intention to make sure the ticket’s scent didn’t try to live up to the real thing,” lottery spokesman Chris Bushnell was quoted as saying by The Charlotte Observer. “That’s why we went with a smoky scent.”

But, if the tickets aren’t up to par, just dump a little more sauce on there. That ought to cover up any shortcomings. Just check to make sure it isn’t a winner first.