Long live Barb. 
Brab Stranger Things Starbucks cup
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

If you don’t know what happens to Barb—the well-meaning best friend of uptight bookworm-turned-badass monster slayer Nancy—in the uber-popular sci-fi Netflix series Stranger Things, you must be living under a rock. Her fate was probably one of the most controversial of the show—yes, Barb does get killed off, and in the most brutal way possible. Love for Barb lives on though, no matter how short-lived her stint on the show was. Shannon Purser, the actress who played her, recently experienced first hand just how enduring her Stranger Things legacy is on a recent trip to Starbucks.

After picking up her coffee, Purser noticed that her barista had written “Barb deserved better,” on her cup, where the customer's name would usually go. She later tweeted out a picture of the cup along with the caption, “Thanks guys.”

The barista in question—apparently a Shannon Purser super fan—also tweeted about the interaction, writing that she was “crying in the back room,” after seeing the actress in her coffee shop. The pair had a cute exchange on Twitter, with the barista, who goes by Gail, replying “Ur welcome,” to Purser’s initial tweet. Purser then replied with a series of hearts, which I can say for almost-certain sent Gail into another spiral of happy tears. Sometimes meeting your heroes can actually make you love them even more, apparently.

By the way, another fan who noticed the Twitter exchange chimed to say that she thought the message on the cup read “Bob deserves better,” another ill-fated character on the show (Joyce Beyers' boyfriend). His death also caused quite a stir among the show's fandom, given what a pure-hearted soul he turned out to be. Purser seems to agree that Bob didn’t get his due on the show either—she tweeted a simple reply to fan’s message: “Bob DEFINITELY deserved better.”