A Florida bakery is seeking damages cake they claim was destroyed by faulty baking pans.
Tres Leches Cake
Credit: © Chris Court

"Where Quality Has Ruled Since 1912." That's the tagline Alessi Bakeries uses on its website, and after just one look at their cakes, we can see why.

But now, the Florida bakery might just have to rethink that line—and it's no fault of their own. The bakery's owners are currently suing US Foods Inc. for an undisclosed amount after alleging that the bakeware company's cake pans were unusable. Sadly, they figured out that the pans were unusable by, well, using them, and in doing so, they ruined a reported $120,000 worth of Tres Leches cakes. Apparently, the pans warped after the baking process as they were unable to support the weight of the desserts.

As their site tagline recalls, Alessi did indeed open in Tampa all the way back in 1912. The family-run bakery has since been owned and run by four generations of Alessis, and while it used to specialize in Cuban and Italian bread, it now boasts a full line of desserts and cakes, as well as a deli and catering.

As reported by The Tampa Bay Times, Alessi paid $5,000 for approximately 35,000 of the pans from US Foods in January 2016. Now the bakery is seeking damages for all of the cake that was destroyed, plus the cost of the pans themselves, storage for the un-sellable cake, and its costly disposal. Dustin Deese, the bakery's lawyer, commented in an interview on Tuesday that the bakery had no way of knowing they should stop production because "it wasn't until after the production run that you saw the buckling and the warping."

Meanwhile, those of us with less invested in the case are just left feeling hungry. If you've never had Tres Leches, it's a delectable sponge cake that's soaked in three milks, as its name suggests: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. There's actually an urban legend that the reason the "three milks" cake became so popular in Latin America was because Nestlé started printing a recipe for it on the back of its cans of its condensed milk. While Alessi's tied up with the pending lawsuit, we may just have to go ahead and make our own.

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