Credit: © Quentin Bacon / © Nicholas Eveleigh / Alamy

Kale is out, tipping is in and no one calls restaurants anymore. So says a new comprehensive survey put out by Zagat.

Encompassing the responses of 10,000 diners, the survey delved into almost every facet of American dining.

Here are some highlights:

On tipping: If you’re still hanging on to that old 18 percent rule or—egad!—even 15 percent, you’re now on the bottom half of the scale, according to those Zagat spoke with. The national tipping average is now at a whopping 19.3 percent.

On trendy food: America has fallen out of love with kale and bacon. A majority of people are neutral to negative on kale, while a plurality are “over” bacon (yes, “over it” was one of the options). Brussels sprouts are still going strong with 45 percent saying they still love the food everyone hated as a kid.

On reservations: Online is the way to go—61 percent of people make their reservations via the Internet

On popular cuisines: America’s favorite food is not American—24 percent of respondents said they liked Italian food the best, giving that cuisine the top spot. American food came in a distant second place at 14 percent.

You can check out all sorts of other information on Zagat’s website, as well as an interactive map that pinpoints some specific trends from individual cities.