By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 15, 2015
Credit: © Bar Brutus

In the United States, hockey has always lagged a bit behind the three major sports—football, baseball and basketball—in popularity. But maybe that’s because Americans just don’t know how to do hockey right?

In Canada, sports fans take their hockey far more seriously. How much more seriously? Bacon trophy seriously!

To commemorate the start of this year’s NHL playoffs, Montreal’s Bar Brutus, whose hometown Canadiens earned one of the top spots in the NHL playoffs, created a full-size Stanley Cup replica out of bacon. According to the Toronto Star, the bar built the meaty trophy from 22 pounds of bacon strips. Construction took five hours to glue together the six layers of bacon necessary to keep the thing upright.

“The moment we can do something with bacon, we do it,” Jean-François Leduc told the Star. “It’s been months that we’ve had the idea to make a cup.”

This monument to both hockey and gluttony will be on display at the bar for the duration of the NHL Playoffs, which have the distinction of lasting a cripplingly long two months. Bad news, however: The bacon cup is inedible. In fact, it’s covered in varnish.

But bacon cup gawkers, never fear: Bar Brutus packs plenty of edible bacon onto its menu with items like bacon sushi, bacon cake and bacon syrup-infused cocktails.