Credit: © les polders / Alamy

Two of America’s biggest vices—gambling and bacon—are being paired together in an extremely unique way: instant lottery tickets that release the sweet smell of our favorite breakfast food when scratched.

Scratch-‘n’-sniff lottery tickets aren’t a new novelty: Scratchers around the country have come in varieties such as bubble gum, chocolate and coffee in the past. But those gambling innovations mostly flew under the radar. This, however, is bacon we’re talking about.

The tickets, called “I Heart Bacon,” went on sale in New Hampshire on Jan. 5. Not only is it the state’s first foray into the scented lottery-ticket game, but they also believe these are the first bacon-scented lottery tickets ever produced. Beyond the pleasurable scent the $1 game offers, it also gives players the opportunity to win up to $1,000—though only 10 top winning tickets were produced out of a run of nearly 800,000.

Sales of the new tickets have been sizzling (ahem). According to the Eagle Tribune, they’re the top-selling $1 scratcher in the state, with more than 70,000 sold so far. If you’re feeling lucky, you can head to New Hampshire and join in on the fun—though for true bacon lovers, your money is probably better invested in the meat section of the grocery store.

[h/t Eater]