By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 25, 2014

It started with a meme. But a group of hackers has taken steps to make the idea of Push Button Receive Bacon a reality. For The Deconstruction—a major hackathon featuring teams from all over the world—a group from Minnesota calling themselves the Rabbit Hole ripped apart an old laser printer and used its parts to make a bacon cooking machine.

The team used the fuser from the printer as their cooker, which, as the site points out, is really just a roller that heats up to between 400 to 450 degrees. From there all they do is feed the bacon through the fuser and voila, bacon.

As you can see, what they made for the hackathon is a manual bacon machine and needs a few upgrades, but it’s not hard to imagine the concept getting cleaned up a bit so that you preload the bacon, push a button and have it pop out at your leisure. A tip for the folks in the Rabbit Hole: If you want to make $5 million on Kickstarter immediately, put this up there now.