By Matt McCue
Updated June 03, 2014
© Tuan Lee

The “I’d Eat That” series scours restaurants around the country and digs up some of America’s most unlikely but unquestionably delicious dishes.

Bacon insanity has spawned almost innumerable porky items—soap, vodka, canned air—but at the St. Louis cocktail spot Taste they’ve found a good home for our favorite pig flavor: the Pigwich. The creation is essentially a bacon Oreo.

Crackpot Inspiration: “My pastry chef was making Oreo-like cookies but using a pig cookie cutter,” says chef Gerald Craft. “I said it would be cool if it tasted like a pig as well and that’s where it all started. The slightly salty, malted milk chocolate cookies paired perfectly with smoked pork fat frosting.”

Outrageous Factor: 5. Bacon and dessert have coexisted happily for several years. If Nabisco knock this off, then we’ll really be surprised.

Detox Level: