By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 10, 2015
Credit: © Peter Brown @ ShopTime

Need some extra irony in your life? Got some extra hours to spare? Have access to the Internet? Well, why not head over to Instructables (or YouTube, for those averse to reading) and learn how to make a “Bacon Handled Veggie Peeler”?

Of course, encasing a slice of bacon in epoxy and turning it into a handle isn’t as easy as it may sound. Even Kludge77, the Instructables user who created the project, openly admitted the idea was a bit of an experiment, asking, “Would it look good? Would it react to the epoxy? Would it last over time? I had no idea, but I wanted to try…”

The verdict: If you don’t mind working with epoxy, own a lathe and have the patience to do some serious sanding (those are three big very big ifs), you can make a really cool-looking peeler handle. One other unanswered question is how well “preserved” that bacon really will stay over time. Kludge77 says it’s been about “a week or so” since he created his and “so far so good.”

Hate doing things? You could also just patiently wait until a ripoff of this item ends up on Etsy. That’s kind of the point of Etsy, right?

[h/t Neatorama]