Today I learned: Your baby doesn’t reach the size of a Big Mac until you’re 19 weeks pregnant.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 16, 2019

Here’s something you might not know if you and your friends haven’t yet been #blessed with kids. One of the ways expecting moms can track their pregnancy is in fruit — with each week offering a new edible approximation of how big your future child is inside the womb. For instance, has one of these guides, from poppy seed to watermelon. But as exciting as it may be to say that your fetus is currently the size of an heirloom tomato, carnivores with a one-track mind might feel a bit left out. Thankfully, some genius came up with, the only (I assume) website that answers the question… uh… how many Big Macs is my baby?

Lauren Bates / S3studio / Getty Images

“This page is NOT official [sic] licensed by McDonald's,” the site states, both as a disclaimer and as an unintentional slap-in-the-face to McDonald’s marketing team. “It was just a random fun idea created by the comedienne Nickey Winkelman to describe the size of her baby in something more relatable than Kale.” Outside of that brief description at the bottom, the site is pretty much a no-frills delivery on its URL promise: Simply choose how many weeks pregnant you are from a dropdown menu, and find out info like, at 19 weeks, your baby is finally the size of one Big Mac. (Finally!)

Meanwhile, the fun doesn’t have to stop once your child is born. The site allows users to put in any weight whatsoever and have it converted to Big Macs. I’m a grown man, and the site informs me that I weigh about 368 Big Macs. Granted, it provides this information in the statement that “Your Baby is 368 Big Macs!” But let’s be honest, if I’m using the site to determine my own weight in Big Macs, what kind of man am I really? Referring to me as a baby might be a bit unnecessary, but “childish” would certainly be accurate.