By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 08, 2014
Credit: Courtesy of Bon Vivant Baby, LLC

Babies and burritos—they’re both precious. Now you can combine these two bundles of joy by wrapping your little one up to look like your favorite 1 a.m. snack.

San Francisco’s Bon Vivant Baby has released a series of three food-themed baby swaddle blanket and hats sets: Lil’Eggroll, Lil’Sushi or Tortilla. (I guess that last one ain’t so lil’.) For $48, your baby can be snuggled in one of these 40-inch wraps, which the company claims look exactly like the real thing. Though I’m not sure how many real baby-size eggrolls are out there. (If you find one, call me immediately.)

Each swaddle also comes with a matching hat: Sweet & Sour Sauce Hat, Rice & Roe Hat and Knot Hat. They’re the perfect gift for any foodie friend with a newborn.

Well, actually, the perfect gift would probably be offering to babysit. But, yeah, a tortilla blanket it is.