The Valentine’s Day special is strawberry blonde with glitter, of course.
B-52's at Shake Shack
Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

When Shake Shack approached The B-52s about teaming up to create a special shake for Valentine’s Day, the band realized that it was a no-brainer.

“I love shakes,” says Cindy Wilson, one of the beloved band’s three vocalists.

And the new Love Shack Shake, which will be available in select New York City, L.A. and Atlanta Shake Shacks from February 9 through February 18, is inspired by many of the band’s highlights.

“It’s all over the B-52s map,” singer Kate Pierson says.

For starters, Pierson says, the strawberry blonde shake is “patterned after 'Quiche Lorraine,'” a song that mentions a strawberry blonde fall.

“Glitter on the mattress,” frontman Fred Schneider says, pointing out that the silver glitter sprinkles on the shake are a result of all the glitter (not just on the mattress but also on the highway and on the front porch) in the song "Love Shack."

Plus, Valentine’s Day was an important milestone for the band, which was formed in Athens, Georgia.

“Valentine’s Day was our first show,” Pierson says. “With the Valentine’s Day connection and the strawberry, it makes sense. Our 40th anniversary was Valentine’s Day. Also, who doesn’t like whipped cream?”

In fact, Patch, a dog who was sitting with the band at West Hollywood’s Shake Shack last Friday, started spontaneously licking the whipped cream off a Love Shack Shake during a photo shoot. Happy with his sugar high, Patch sat nicely for the entire shoot.

“He was a very well behaved dog,” says Schneider, who’s proud that $2 of every $5.99 Love Shack Shake sold is going to Canine Companions for Independence, which provides the disabled with trained assistance dogs at no cost.

The B-52s’ first gig, at a friend’s house on Valentine’s Day in 1977, kicked off a glorious career. But Pierson, who also has her own hotels near Woodstock, New York, and in the California desert, wonders what might have happened if she had opened her own fast food restaurant. She’s seen the success of Shake Shack, including its location at Woodbury Common, her local outlet mall in upstate New York. Schneider adds that he once tried to visit a Shake Shack in Atlanta on its opening day, but the line was too long.

“I wish we had done a Love Shack Shack way back, but Shake Shack’s good,” Pierson says.

Anyway, Pierson adds, her restaurant would have been vegetarian.

“So I don’t know, it wouldn’t have been that popular,” shes says.

“It would have been popular,” Schneider says. “In Woodstock, it would be popular.”

Glitter on an Impossible Burger, anyone?