Consider making reservations at Curry's other spots in Waikiki and Houston.

If you had plans to eat at Ayesha Curry’s new San Francisco restaurant, your wait time might be a few months.

Last night was the official opening of the lifestyle blogger, cookbook author, CoverGirl and budding restaurateur’s upscale dining experience, International Smoke. Curry, who partnered with chef Michael Mina for her latest endeavor, described the highly anticipated undertaking as “a dream come true,” revealing that before International Smoke’s opening, she was there “even when they didn’t want or need me.”

“I love every second of this,” Curry told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I love it all. And we have a team that with me, is so patient and they’re all so hardworking.”

Early reports suggest that both the atmosphere and food are good, with diners taking to social media to share their experience.

Beyond its barbeque-infused menu, including a variety of smoked pork rib and shoulder dishes, the atmosphere is built around what Curry calls “vibes.” While dining, you’re likely to hear the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sade and possibly French Montana. Inside, the decor embraces the “international” aspect of the restaurant’s name, featuring graffiti in various languages.

Curry’s husband, Golden State point guard Stephen Curry, attended opening night along with some of his teammates, but dining at International Smoke shouldn’t be considered a highly “exclusive” experience. The restaurant has been described as a place “for friends, family and casual date nights.” And while it may not necessarily be a “snooty” place, don’t expect to get instant access. Reserving a table at the newly opened restaurant may require the same kind of patience Curry credits International Smoke’s team with.

Yesterday, San Francisco Chronicle Food & Wine editor Paolo Lucchesi tweeted that the restaurant was reserved through January 9. Since then, reservations have continued, with January 15 being the earliest you can snag a table ... and not necessarily at the time you want.

If you are the patient type (and not near San Francisco), you might try waiting for its two other planned openings, in Hawaii’s Waikiki and Houston, Texas.