By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 08, 2016
Axl Rose
Credit: © Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

The music Axl Rose makes with his band Guns N’ Roses sounds nothing like the music of Barbra Streisand. I’m guessing he probably doesn’t listen to much music by the singer. Either way, he certainly doesn’t understand the “Streisand effect.”

According to Torrent Freak, a company working on behalf of Axl Rose has been trying to remove an unflattering photo of the Guns N’ Roses frontman that has been used to make fun of the singer’s weight. The photo, which was originally published by the Winnipeg Free Press in 2010 (a time when Rose sightings were much rarer) features a scowling, mustachioed Rose with a bit more chub in his cheeks than fans from the early ‘90s were used to. The pic spawned a meme – referred to as “Fat Axl Rose” – where internet funny guys added text to the image with lines such as “oh, oh, oh, oh, sweet piles of pie” and “take me down to the bakery city where the pies have cream and the cakes are tasty.” Actually, that second one isn’t too shabby.

Of course, there’s nothing honorable about making fun of someone’s weight, athough, the fact that he isn’t really that overweight is part of the joke. Still, as predicted by the Streisand effect – named after the time Barbra Streisand’s efforts to get photos of her house pulled from the internet drew even more attention to them – issuing a DMCA complaint to Google demanding this image be taken down probably isn’t the best way to get people to forget that this meme exists. In fact, quite the opposite. According to Google Trends, the search term “fat axl rose” has recently hit its highest peak ever – topping its previous high set back in October 2011.

At this point, Axl is probably longing for the days where people were giving him crap for taking 15 years to finish Chinese Democracy.