By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated September 11, 2017

Super Mario has to eat a lot of weird things on his journey to save the princess: mushrooms, flowers, stars. And like anyone downing that many hallucinogens, he must get the munchies, which is why this cake would be right up his warp pipe. YouTuber gamerboymedia posted the video of a stop-motion cookie Mario hopping up and down the layers of a four-tiered cake, reenacting the first level from the hit 1987 game that made Mario (and Nintendo) the household names they are today.

Aron Mani animated the cake was animated and the video features many clever uses of other pastries, such as brownie bricks and cupcake Goombas. He even included that secret extra life that I had no idea existed until 1993 when my best friend's older brother showed us where it was. And yes, I had an older sibling too. And yes, she neglected to tell me about it. And yes, I'm still bitter. Excuse me, I'm getting emotional. I need to go eat a Goomba.