If there are two things that Americans are eating more than ever, it's pork and organic products (deviled eggs would be a close third, as evidenced by restaurant menus I've seen recently). So, I'm fully prepared to see organic pork everywhere. Still, it was remarkable to read front page in yesterday's Financial Times that pork for the 2008 Beijing Olympics's will be produced organically (and top secretly, to combat any fears of terrorism). Since it's apparently common to feed growth hormones to pigs in China, this steroid-free pork will be good news for any athlete worried about failing a drug test after eating spare ribs. But not everyone agrees with this special treatment for athletes. Synear Food, the exclusive supplier of frozen dumplings for the Olympics, said their standard product was fine for everybody. We "don't feel it is the right thing to have a more favorable arrangement for the athletes and show bias against the public customer," said a Synear spokesperson. Likewise, McDonald's is not making any special provisions for their outlet in the Olympic Village: they'll follow the "same rigorous standards for spectators, athletes and the media."