Sample lyric: "Eatin' avocado toast on the West Coast." 
Credit: Courtesy of Nutmeg Imageworks

Avocado toast madness isn’t quite where it was a few years ago, but pop singer Emily Zeck is hoping she can squeeze a bit more life out of the fad, not in the form of an overpriced menu item, but as a summery new song released last week.

The tune, “Avocado Toast,” is a straightforward piece of acoustic guitar-driven, folky pop reggae in the style of hits like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” released through PRMD Music, the Swedish record label best known for working with Avicii. Despite the title, the song is only tangentially about the popular dish of green mush on bread: The chorus brags about “It’s my life, I’m just fine, eatin’ avocado toast on the West Coast.”

At the same time, though, a song entirely dedicated to avocado toast would likely sound like the lyric sheet had been ripped out of a cookbook. Instead, Zeck chooses to check a number of other millennial boxes: “I don’t want to wait in line to spend $20 bucks just to have a good time,” the track begins. “I’d rather be in sweats on my living room floor. Take my makeup off, hang up my dress and kick off my heels and turn on Netflix.”

Does the world need a song that name drops avocado toast? Not really. And if anything, the on-the-nose nod to a waning trend probably makes the entire exercise seem a bit more desperate than its needs to be. On its own merits, the tune is catchy enough and well-constructed. The production is professional (despite a few seemingly dated flourishes), and Zeck handles her vocal duties admirably, even though she was labeled “an Instagram influencer turned musician”

If anything, the song is probably too innocuous, pleasant almost to a fault. It’s hard to imagine it going on to pop radio success, but at the same time, on its surface, it’s not like avocado toast the food is really that exciting, and we all saw how that went.