Saucony is releasing a green and brown running shoe dubbed the "Saucamole."
Credit: Arx0nt/Getty Images

After years of hype, America’s avocado toast obsession seems to finally be ending — not because avocado toast isn’t still delicious, but because seemingly every pundit in the country turned the entire concept into an annoying millennial cliché. But for avocado toast fans who refuse to have the dish turned against them, here’s a way to wear that love not on your sleeve, but on your feet… avocado toast-inspired sneakers.

Saucony is set to release a green and brown-colored version of its Shadow 6000 shoes called the Saucony Shadow 6000 “Avocado Toast” on February 26 to select retailers and at As Footwear News points out, the Shadow 6000 was originally released in 1991 as a high-mileage running shoe, not a millennial fashion statement — but, hey, a lot has changed since the days of Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

As for the shoe itself, Saucony reportedly boasts that it pairs “toasted leather” with “smashed avocado textured suede” and a “red pepper flake collar lining.” The tongue features a green leather avocado with a brown Saucony logo as the pit. And on the heel, instead of Saucony, you’ll find the name “Saucamole.” Nice touch. To be honest, they do emit an aura of avocado and toast about them, though whether you’ll consider that to equate to stylish footwear will depend on personal tastes. Let’s just say, the general appeal of these shoes will probably be closer to cilantro than avocados.

Meanwhile, ironically enough, these kicks will apparently be retailing for $130 — so for all those pundits who claimed millennials were wasting their money buying expensive avocado toast, buying these shoes is a great way to tell all those haters to shove it.

Saucony has been upping their food-related shoe game in the past year. Last March, the Massachusetts-based brand teamed up with another Massachusetts icon, Dunkin’ Donuts, to release an official Dunkin’ shoe for the Boston Marathon.