By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 11, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Morgenstern's

At its core, avocado toast is a simple thing. So simple that people get easily excited at the prospect of dressing it up somehow—with crab or bacon or who knows what.

So when New York City's Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream decided they were going to introduce a breakfast menu, with tongue somewhat in-cheek, they wanted to prove they could make an avocado toast like none other: Thus, avocado ice cream toast was born!

Officially called “Chill Out Dude, It’s Just Avocado Toast,” according to Grub Street, it is white bread spread with avocado ice cream, Spanish olive oil, condensed milk, sea salt and black pepper. If that doesn’t raise your avocado toast excitement to the next level, then you’re probably officially over avocado toast. But hey, you do you.

This creamy take on the now-classic snack will be available along with a breakfast sundae as part of Morgenstern’s new breakfast menu (part of a collaboration with Brutal magazine), served only from 8 a.m. to noon, until the end of February.