Mexico’s fuel shortage could apparently hamper the current harvest.
Credit: lacaosa/Getty Images

Here’s one thing we haven’t seen a shortage of in a long time: news stories about avocados. Due to society’s obsession with the green fruit, any shift in the avocado market is apparently worth the public’s attention. We saw a purported avocado shortage in 2014 followed by an apparent avocado glut in 2015 — but you’d be forgiven for not noticing either seeing as avocados have still felt like an omnipresent item on menus and grocery shelves throughout any publicized problems.

So as the tides once again turns in the avocado industry, feel free to take this latest news with a grain of salt (as well as diced onions, lime juice, and cilantro): Reuters reports that America might be headed for another avocado shortage — this time during the all-important lead up to the Super Bowl.

The culprit of this new 2019 shortage is said to be a fuel shortage. In an attempt to stop ongoing theft, the Mexican government has altered the distribution system of its state-run oil company, but the changes have also led to frustrating shortages during the adjustment period. As a result, workers in Michoacan, Mexico’s top avocado producing state, could struggle to harvest the estimated 120,000 tons of fruit growers were hoping to ship to the U.S. in time for the big game.

“Our three most important weeks of the year are this one and the next two. This is when we ship for Super Bowl week,” Ramon Paz, spokesman for the avocado trade group APEAM, told Reuters. “We have from now to January 24, 25 to ship all that volume. If we don’t ship it (by then), we can’t do so later.”

However, Reuters also points out that the gas shortages haven’t yet specifically affected exports from Mexico into the U.S., instead causing more problems locally in Mexico. Additionally, over 27,000 tons of alligator pears have already made their way into the States in preparation for the Super Bowl. And meanwhile, even with all those variables, there’s an additional step to get from a shortage of avocados to a paucity guacamole. So should you spend extra time appreciating that delicious guac during the final game of the NFL season… yes, always. But will you not be able to find enough avocados to make your signature dip this year? Pardon me for being a tad skeptical.