By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 23, 2018
Creamy Guacamole

Note to self: Avocados – great for making guacamole, not so great for hiding illegal drugs.

Authorities in the Chicago area broke up a pot smuggling operation when they found approximately 2,100 pounds of marijuana stashed among 1,512 boxes of frozen avocado pulp. Workers tipped off the Cook County Sheriff after the suspicious shipment arrived at their facility. Apparently, this avocado pulp had instructions for an urgent pick-up. Fresh avocados you could understand, but frozen…? Very suspicious indeed.

According to the sheriff, “Flat bricks of marijuana were found, covered in avocado pulp in some packages.” Overall, the recovered drugs have an estimated street value of $10 million. Turns out people really love that stanky avocado kush.

Pulp like this generally goes into big brand or fast food guacamole, so hopefully Chicagoans who want to make their own guac won’t suffer any kind of avocado shortage. Next time maybe the smugglers should try hiding the drugs in a food nobody wants, like a shipment of soup-flavored Doritos.

Photos © Cook County Sheriff’s Office