We spoke with the creator of the viral deodorant-like avocado dispenser.

Avocado on a stick

One of the most popular products around right now doesn’t actually exist. After making its debut on social media three weeks ago, Avocado on a Stick has become a sensation thanks to its far-out premise: mashed up avocado offered in deodorant-like stick form. “Every millennial loves avocado toast! Now make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go...on a stick!” the sales pitch goes. Beyond getting plenty of attention from the internet, the item even found its way onto the local news circuit.

Just one problem: Avocado on a Stick is one of many products offered by Unnecessary Inventions, an online project from Vermont-based designer Matt Benedetto, where beyond humorous prototypes, none of the items — from a workout-aiding beer can barbell to stub-stopping big toe hard hats — actually exist.

“In the two months I have been designing Unnecessary Inventions, I have had pretty viral responses across the web from Reddit for the AirSticks, LADBible for the Cuisine Curtain, Imgur for the SunShaders, and 9Gag for the Hÿpēr Båg,” Benedetto told me via email. “Plus in that time I've racked up over 43,000 followers for the project on Instagram. It's been pretty crazy all around!”

Meanwhile, by utilizing the viral power of avocados, Benedetto was able to create another hit. “It's been fun to see everyone's reaction to Avocado on a Stick because I think it's been about half in disgust and half in love,” he explains. “With avocado toast being such a trendy snack and topic in general, I thought it would hit people in different ways to create a good dialogue online — so I'm not terribly surprised. I've gotten a lot of DMs of people really upset that I'm harming the earth with more plastic but aren't taking two seconds to realize they are messaging an account called Unnecessary Inventions. It's fun to mess with those who think it's something they can actually get their hands on.”

Avocado on a stick

And yet, if people are interested in the idea, why not actually make Avocado on a Stick available for sale? “I did actually have an avocado farm in Portugal reach out last week asking if it was something I was actively developing and if they could help out at all in production of it,” he continues. But cool or not, Benedetto — who actually does design real-life products as well — sees some practical concerns: “I really don't think it's something I would actually look into making: Can you imagine trying to keep that stuff from turning brown?!?”

So for now — and probably forever — Avocado on a Stick is simply a funny concept. “I enjoy giving my followers just enough by actually making a prototype of my ideas while making them want it more since they know they'll never get their hands on it,” Benedetto tells me. “I'm an evil genius.”