The American Airlines Center will be the first stadium to get these new stands courtesy of Avocados From Mexico.

Credit: Avocado concession stands coming to Dallas. photo: locknloadlabrador/Getty Images

Next time you’re at a Dallas Mavericks or Dallas Stars game and you find yourself in the mood for something avocado-y, you’ll know just the place to go. Dallas’s American Airlines Center is set to be the first arena to get AvoEats concession stands, a 100-percent “avocado-centric” food option courtesy of the trade group Avocados From Mexico.

The two new concession stands, which will be located on the arena’s plaza level, “will feature trendy, Instagram-friendly avocado menu items, including Avo Toast, Avo-Buffalo Fries, a Guacamole Sampler and an Avo-Chocolate Mousse,” according to an announcement from the Avocados From Mexico. Not feeling any of those options? The organization promises that it will also “unveil new innovative menu items created by professional chefs throughout the year” so you never lose your avocado cravings. (Like that would ever happen!) And as a further avocado takeover, AvoEats items will be available at other stands around the arena too.

“We are thrilled to continue to cultivate strong partnerships with North Texas-based companies like Avocados From Mexico,” American Airlines Center COO/GM Dave Brown said in a statement. “It is extremely exciting for us to host the first-ever Avocados From Mexico AvoEats concession stands in our arena. Guests are going to be blown away by the variety and quality of the avocado-based concession options available this season.”

No word on if Avocados From Mexico are planning to roll out these AvoEats concession stands at other arenas or ballparks or stadium or racetracks across America. Clearly, plenty of sports fans would be interested in cheering on their favorite team with a pile of Avo-Buffalo Fries. Only problem is that you’d be stuck listening to this conversation: “Who was that foul on?” “I don’t know. I was too busy trying to choose an Instagram filter for this Guac Sampler.”