From "pixelated avocados" to intricate pit designs, Instagram is currently witnessing it all.


Avocados: They're good for so many things. You can slice them, mash them, and spread them. You can slather them on toast or scoop them up in the form of guacamole. You can even drink them.

And now, in what just might be the most beautiful avo-trend of all, you can carve them like pumpkins.

No, really.

The "avo art" craze got its start on—where else?—Instagram. Apparently, user Daniele Barresi (who uses the moniker @danielebarresi_artist on the image-sharing platform) began posting her creamy, green works of art and others followed suit.

Now, the carvings have spawned thousands of copycat creations—and frankly, "obsessed" doesn't even begin to cover how we feel about them. We've rounded up our favorites below. Take a look, get inspired, then head to the grocery store to grab a "canvas" of your own.


She's the OG avo artist, so of course we've got to include Barresi if we're going to round up our favorite avo art moments. Follow her on Instagram for even more incredible food carvings (she does other fruits and veggies, too!). Her work is a testament to the fact that these photos might be fun, but they're also a serious, intricate art.


Yup: Avocado pit carvings work, too. Jan Campbell of @avocadostonefaces creates "bearded spirit faces" and more out of the inner parts of an avocado, and they're so beautiful, we wouldn't mind featuring them on a coffee table. The best part? All the artwork is for sale.


This account rounds up the best of the best in the world of avocado art and shares them for our insta-enjoyment, and they're pretty awesome. (We're pretty sure this "Back That Hass Up" avocado is one of the greatest works they've posted so far.) Surely the account's creator deserves a Nobel Prize of some sort.


The "pixelated avocado" might just be the most famous work of avocado art we've seen on the 'gram. And no wonder: It's an unbelievably satisfying sculpture that involved slicing up an avocado into a zillion pieces, all of which are left together to exist as a grid.


A Japanese Instagram user is bringing their passion for Thai produce carving to the world, and with this insanely intricate Goyard pattern, they're definitely "bringing it."

How cool is that? Of course, if seeing these avocados go by on your feed isn't enough to excite you, you can always get to work carving your own.