The Shark Tank-backed concept opened in Chelsea on Thursday. 

avocaderia in Brooklyn
Credit: Courtesy of Avocaderia

Just a year after opening its first location in Brooklyn, Avocaderia is already expanding. On Thursday, the restaurant that claims to be the world's first avocado bar (it's not) opened its very first Manhattan location to the delight of avocado toast lovers in the Chelsea area. Having recently received a $400,000 cash infusion from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, two of the investors on Shark Tank, they are reportedly continuing to scout new locations, possibly in Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego.

The restaurants owners, Francesco Brachetti, Alberto Gramini, and Alessandro Biggi, call the fare at Avocaderia "healthy fast food," which seems to be an idea that has legs outside of the whole avocado gimmick. According to several reports, the Manhattan opening was a huge success. CNBC reported that the restaurant was completely packed by 1 p.m.

"Our mission is to build a healthier and happier lifestyle by providing customers with simple, healthy and delicious food that is good for your body and will put a smile on your face," Biggi said in a statement.

So is it any good? Well, people are losing their minds over it on Instagram, so that's something. (The avocado burger, which has avocado halves for buns, is particularly 'grammable.)

When Avocaderia opened in Brooklyn in April 2017, they actually sold out of avocados with the first three hours of being open to the public, Extra Crispy reported, but it seems like no such horror happened on Thursday at the Manhattan opening. And we've got to say: The toasts look pretty beautiful.

All-avocado restaurants are having a moment. Another avocado-only restaurant, called Avocado Appetit, opened in Chinatown in February.

"Since day one, [interest] just kept growing, and we just kept adapting to demand," Brachetti told CNBC Make It. The business, which uses around 100 avocados a day, is now at a $2 million valuation.

Avocaderia NYC is located in Terminal Stores Building at 271 11th Avenue and is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.