Avocaderia, Brooklyn's trendy avocado bar, is hoping to expand.


The shop that claimed to be the "world's first avocado bar" (it's not), is looking to expand its New York outposts.

Upon the opening of its first storefront in Brooklyn in April, Avocaderia actually sold out of avocados with the first three hours of being open to the public, as Extra Crispy reported.

The mishap seemed to prove how immensely popular their product is, which is why Avocaderia is hoping to expand into a fast casual chain, with the new locations being considered in Manhattan.

The restaurants owners, Francesco Brachetti, Alberto Gramini, and Alessandro Biggi, are now scouting for locations in the next borough it hopes to conquer, according to a new report from Eater. In an interview with QSR magazine, Brachetti explains he fell in love with avocados while living in Mexico; he had never eaten them before in his native Italy.

As you can see in this video – which apparently bumped their business up by 80% – the restaurant serves fancy avocado toast, sandwiches that layer filling between two avocados instead of using bread, stuffed avocados, and even an avocado tostada.

In the video, Biggi calls Avocadoeria’s fare “healthy fast food.” He thinks that avocado isn’t a trend, but a rather that it’s “here to stay,” as a new staple in Western cuisine. New? Tell that to anyone in California, but we take this point. The shop apparently goes through 200 organic avocados from Mexico every single day, depsite the fact that there's currently an avocado shortage ravaging the country, resulting in a price hike and even "grand theft avocado."

Perhaps with the amount of business Avocaderia seems to be pulling in, they can afford it.

No word yet on whether or not Avocaderia has found a home in Manhattan, but there’s no doubt that the chain will be an extremely busy hit whenever it does open (assuming they don't run out of avocados).