Credit: © Clicknique / iStockphoto

How much candy did you eat last year? Yes, chocolate is included. If you replied, “Not that much, I don’t think,” at least some of you are apparently filthy liars.

According to a recent press release from the US Census Bureau in honor of National Candy Month – which is June, by the way – the average American consumes 22 pounds of candy each year. No, I do not know why the US Census Bureau is honoring National Candy Month. Yes, it seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars.

To give those numbers a sense of perspective, a single pack of Skittles is 2.17 ounces – meaning 22 pounds of candy would be like eating 162 bags of Skittles a year. If you’re more of a Twix person, it’s nearly 200 packages of Twix – or 400 if you count each one individually! Or if you just want to go straight chocolate, you’re talking about 227 standard 1.55 ounce Hersey’s bars. It does seem like a lot, or if you are an elementary school kid, a kind of disappointing Halloween.

“Together, there are more than 56,000 Americans employed in manufacturing sweets and treats,” the US Census Bureau also points out. In addition, the government agency states, “Nearly 7 million metric tons of sugar, sweeteners and candy are imported annually to satisfy America's sweet tooth.”

So what I’m pretty sure they’re implying is if we don’t each eat 22 pounds of candy every year, the global economy will collapse. Go out, buy the party-size bag of Sour Patch Kids and do your part!