Worst restaurant customer ever. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 24, 2017
lobster and steak
Credit: © rez-art / Getty Images

Aspiring Australian rapper 2Pec—not to be confused with the similarly named American musician Tupac—has taken “dine and dash” to a whole new level, and his audacity is almost admirable.

2Pec, real name Terry Peck, sat down for a lush seafood dinner at Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant on Sunday evening. According to reports he ate 21 oysters, baby squid, and two lobsters—all on his own. Then the bill came.

Peck fled from the $621 check, straight into the ocean. Police officers had to hop on the back of lifeguards’ jet skis to pursue Peck, who was apparently trying to swim away. Police tried to get Peck to surrender, but when they couldn’t persuade him to return to shore, they had to jump in the water to arrest the petulant diner.

Who can blame him, really? We’ve all splurged on an expensive dinner and then immediately regretted it.

The story gets even more interesting when Peck eventually explains his actions.

At his first court appearance, where he was charged with theft and assaulting a police officer, Peck tried to defend his actions by revealing that the lobster was overcooked. He then claimed that he was running to the aid of a friend who was giving birth on the beach. No word on whether or not his friend is a mermaid.

Omeros Bros dispute his claim that there was anything amiss with the seafood that night. The restaurant’s manager Mark Hunnybun—yes, that’s his real name, as if though this story could get any more delicious—told ABC, ‘“We cook our lobsters perfectly here.”

The magistrate hearing the case was just as shocked as everyone else upon learning of Peck’s epic dinner saga.

“"Oh God! By himself?" she said, after finding out the bill’s total.

Peck is on house arrest, and permanently banned from the restaurant, until the case is resolved. In the meantime, his song Ozi Ozi Ozi Oy Oy Oy is worth a listen.