By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 12, 2016
Potato Mailing
Credit: © Brian Yarvin / Alamy

Just when you think you’ve heard every ridiculous diet trend out there, here’s one that may leave you scratching your Mr. Potato Head. A man in Australia has vowed to make 2016 his year of an all-potato diet – and already over a month in, not only is he still going strong, but he’s also losing weight.

Last year, 36-year-old Melbourne resident Andrew Taylor was tipping the scales at over 330 pounds when he decided he needed to make a change in his life. In a bit of bizarre logic, Taylor decided going down to a diet of only one food was the best answer. “If you’re a drug addict or an alcohol addict, the best thing you can do is stop using drugs or alcohol,” he said according to “I can’t just stop eating, so I started thinking about getting as close to quitting food as possible and cut it all out except for potato.”

Taylor said he researched a number of single food possibilities – including a year of bananas or mangos – before landing on potatoes because they were cheaper and more nutritious. However, that “more” appears to be the operative word. Dietitians that spoke with stressed that living solely off potatoes is not ideal. Still, a month into his experiment, Taylor has already dropped over 20 pounds. “I feel amazing now and the most surprising thing is I’m not bored at all with potatoes,” he said. Taylor mentions that he’ll cook his taters in a variety of ways – boiling, baking or mashing – but never uses oil. “I’m starting to exercise again because I have so much energy to burn, my digestion is really good and I’ve only got positive things to say.”

Though, he gives the diet a glowing review, he also stresses he’s not trying to push the diet for anyone else. “I’ve got nothing to sell and not trying to promote it and say everyone should eat this,” he stated. But that certainly hasn’t stopped him from splashing his exploits all over social media. You can watch his progress on his Spud Fit YouTube channel. And, of course, if a tree falls in the woods and it doesn’t have a Facebook page, it doesn’t make a sound, so you can find Spud Fit on the social network, as well.

In his latest post on Facebook, Taylor proclaims: “Just finished filming with The Doctors. Really enjoyed it, I'll let you know the airing time as soon as I know.” Turns out he’s not just losing weight; he’s gaining a bit of celebrity as well. Hopefully potatoes can continue to give him the energy he needs to finish all those TV interviews.