By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 19, 2015
Credit: © Image Source / Alamy

The Land Down Under has laid a smackdown on their food pyramid. For the first time since the country introduced a pyramid back in 1980, butter has gotten the boot. Also out: margarine and sugar. As if being axed wasn’t bad enough, sugar, along with salt, is now banished to a little warning area next to the pyramid telling people to limit their intake. It’s like the food pyramid’s version of Alcatraz.

According to Quartz, the big overhaul comes after government surveys have shown that the average Australian gets over a third of their calories from junk food. Beyond dumping what the government says Australians shouldn’t eat, the new pyramid also has an increased insistence that people should “Eat More” (as the section is called) plant-based foods.

And if butter and margarine are out, what’s in? How are Australians supposed to eat their corn on the cob? Slathered in vegemite? Not exactly. Butter’s place at the top of the pyramid is now occupied by “healthy fats” like extra-virgin olive oil, as well as nut and seed oils. And just below that, the Aussies also added tofu and soy milk to their pyramid for the first time. Still no sign of peanut milk, though. Maybe that will come in the next iteration.