By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 26, 2016
© Juanmonino/Getty Images

A forthcoming pop-up restaurant in London got a lot of attention earlier this year – including a wait list that is now over 38,000 people strong – after announcing that it would allow people dine in the nude. But while all those people in England are still waiting around in their robes, a couple of DJs in Australia actually went ahead and held their own naked dining dinner.

The event took place this evening (which actually happened earlier today thanks to our stupid rotating globe) at the fittingly-name The Noble Experiment restaurant in Melbourne. The DJs, Jo and Lehmo, reportedly got the idea for the event after discussing the London pop-up on their radio show. The response was so enthusiastic that they simply decided to hold a similar event themselves.

The radio station behind the event, Gold 104.3 (only the hits you love!), even posted some pics from the event on their Instagram. Warning: Most of the naughty bits are blurred out, though you will see a wrinkly old bottom or two.

Overall, it appears that the guests had fun and got along well enough to take some group photos. “There are lots of people who want to embrace just that sensation of being free, of accepting your body for what it is, in all its beautiful weird and wonderful shapes and sizes, and you can be a beautiful figure and not have to comply with the concept of beauty that we’re inundated with all the time,” Jo was quoted as saying by Yahoo before the event. “We’re constantly surrounded with body shaming messages, and this is the opposite - this is body pride.”

I think that sounds pretty cool. Now start scrubbing down that damn restaurant.