Credit: © Nicolas Knepper

What do you get when you replace the “W” in Hollywood with an “F”? Well, you get "Hollyfood”—which also happens to be the name of photographer Nicolas Knepper’s new series of food and entertainment mash-ups.

Imagine if Gollum’s precious ring from The Lord of the Rings was actually a doughnut. Or if the “crystal” the boys from Breaking Bad were cooking up wasn’t meth, but sugar for pastry sugar chouquettes. Or if Uma Thurman’s The Bride used her sword skills in Kill Bill to chop up choux pastries. In Hollyfood, all of this is a reality.

Knepper uses miniatures and food items to lovingly construct scenes from these and other films and TV shows, swapping out random important items for food—like Breaking Bad’s meth for massive sugar granules. Then he photographs the results. What you end up with are pictures with names like “Mon precieux (My precious),” and “Dessert qui se mange froid (Dessert served cold)”—and a pretty cool photo series to boot.

Who needs another Guy Fieri series? These are the kinds of Food Network shows I could get behind!