By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 07, 2015
Credit: © Yona Lee

“Is that a full moon? There might be a sliver off the side. I can’t tell.” Next time you’re struggling to figure out where we are in a lunar cycle, just turn to the blandest of all cookies: the Nilla Wafer.

South Korean-born, New York-based graphic designer and artist Yona Lee has recently garnered attention for her installation Yummy Moon, which depicts the lunar cycle with 450 of the vanilla-flavored circular cookies. To top it off and make things even more aesthetically pleasing, the entire installation itself is in the shape of a full moon.

Lee constructed the project with the help of a projector and, presumably, a lot of nibbling. For anyone who’s ever played with their food, this unique art creates a fun confluence between the adult world of science and childhood memories of biting the edges off your cookies.

So what’s next? Maybe we can learn about the tides with some chocolate milk?