Credit: © PAINTING / Alamy

Say you want to get your very own Picasso painting. There may be a few factors stopping you. First, it’s going to cost you at least, like, millions of dollars. Then you’re going to have to find a safe place to hang it. Oh, and worst of all, it’s won’t be edible!

Well, here’s Russian food stylist and photographer Tatiana Shkondina with a delicious-looking alternative: She takes famous paintings and recreates them using food, then snaps beautiful photos of the results.

Yup, she’s done “Sunflowers” by Van Gogh. And “The Starry Night.” She can handle more than just post-impressionism, too. Though her take on Mondrian—with his straight lines and shapes—was probably easier to whip up, her use of ingredients like watermelon, cheese, yogurt and chocolate make his recreations look like some of the tastiest.

Even surrealism gets the edible touch. Who doesn’t want to see Dali’s melting clocks or Magritte’s dude with the hat with the apple in front of his face recreated using food like, I dunno…maybe a real apple!

True, you probably have to be even more careful where you hang edible paintings, but you can get the supplies at any grocery store. And if you’re not happy with the result, chow down.

It’s a super-fun project with some really beautiful results. We’ll let you decide if they’re even more impressive than famous photos made out of junk food.