Doctor Kracker's subtly sweet spelt Seedlander Krackers have lots of pumpkin and poppy seeds ($6 for 8 oz;

The Fine Cheese Company in Bath, England, uses minute amounts of charcoal to give its newest crackers an earthy taste ($5 for 5.3 oz;

The founders of Cape Cod Potato Chips have just launched a terrific line called Late July that includes the buttery Classic Rich, made with organic winter wheat ($3 for 6 oz;

Made with stone-ground wheat, Chelsea Market Baskets's Wheat Crisp crackers are wonderfully nutty ($4 for 5.3 oz;

Allen & Cowley's Starr Ridge seed crackers are studded with sesame and flax seeds and are impressively crunchy ($4 for 6 oz). Its honey-flavored Starr Ridge grahams ($4 for 8 oz) are good with cheddar cheese or ice cream (