Instagram is full of fresh baked goodness.

artisan sourdough bread instagrams
Credit: Sjenner13 / Getty Images

Artful lattes and "unicorn foods," we've seen enough of you. There's a new Insta-trend in town: bread. And while it's sophisticated enough to appeal to the most highbrow food 'grammers, it's also mesmerizing enough to delight amateur home cooks. Instagrammers from all over the world are taking part in the fad, which involves "before oven" and "after oven" shots of carved sourdough (as well as videos!). Each is more hypnotizing than the next.

Haven't had the pleasure of seeing one of these sourdough videos in your feed? Never fear; we've rounded up our favorites below so you can become acquainted with what just might become your new favorite Insta-community.


If you're looking for a crash course in all things Instagram and bread, this is the place to start. The mission of @breadbakersguild: "To shape the knowledge and skills of the artisan baking community through education." We'd say that's an accurate statement. The profile shares fun sourdough videos with their 30,000+ followers on a near-daily basis.


A self-taught baker and an editor over at the Feed Feed, Anita Šumer has one of the most active bread accounts out there. Her most recent creation? A stunning, hand-scored hibiscus blossom design that we can only hope was as delicious as it was fun to watch being made.


Nataša Djuric of Slovenia's bread designs are whimsical and often involve fun stencils and a dusting of flour. She documents each of her attempts with in-depth explanatory captions, making her account an excellent one for new bakers to follow.


Maurizio Leo's gorgeous Instagram feed is complemented by his informative blog, The Perfect Loaf, which is a superb bread-baking resource. If you're only here for the pretty pictures, though, simply scroll through his Instagram profile and enjoy the exquisite eye-candy. Er, bread.


The bakers behind the Ille Brød's feed use "local, heirloom and ancient grains" to create their loaves, and they've even written a book all about sourdough.

@blondieandrye's designs involve elaborate, swirling labyrinths that cover the entire surface of the dough. Take a look—you won't be disappointed.


"Happiness is: homemade bread baking in the oven while I sip on a cup of tea with my beloved cat by my side," reads @sourdoughnouveau's profile description. You can add "scrolling through @sourdoughnouveau's Instagram feed" to her list. Colorful doughs involving purple carrots and intricate floral patterns make this account a memorable one.


If you're more into the scoring videos and progress shots, you'll want to check out @brotbruder_fr, run by Michael Schulze. Gooey, yeasty dough fills dozens of his posts, so you'll really get a behind-the-scenes look at the bread-making game.