Credit: © John Kernick

People are often surprised when they first learn just how much smell is connected to taste, but how would you feel about cutting out the mouth entirely and simply sending chocolate right up your nose?

Turns out Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone has landed on a bit of a hit developing a device that does exactly that. Persoone initially developed his “chocolate shooter” for a Rolling Stones party in 2007. Eight years later, he’s sold 25,000 of the device that allows you to snort that sweet, sweet cocoa.

Inspired by snuff tobacco (a habit that’s fallen out of favor with all but the most dedicated hipsters), the chocolate shooter is intended to be loaded with Persoone’s special blends of Dominican or Peruvian cocoa powder that has been mixed with mint and either ginger or raspberry. Apparently, finding the perfect inhalable mix isn't as easy as one might think, since cocoa is inherently very dry. “The mint and the ginger really tinkle your nose,” Persoone told Reuters. “Then the mint flavor goes down, and the chocolate stays in your brain.”

A chocolate-addled brain sounds a bit concerning, but Persoone insists that the device is perfectly safe. Additionally, he and his company checked with several doctors before going into production; they believe “it is most likely a fad and will therefore not present long-term damage.”

You can order your own chocolate shooter online for around $50. Hey, it’s certainly a more interesting Valentine’s Day gift than another heart-shaped box of candy.