Take this quiz to find out if you're a pretentious food snob.

By M. Elizabeth Sheldon
Updated May 23, 2017

New York won the dubious "Most-Pretentious Foodies" honor in our America's Favorite Food Cities poll. But they lurk everywhere. Are you one? Take this quiz to find out if you're a pretentious food snob.

1. Your friend makes reservations at Applebees for her birthday. You:
a) RSVP yes. Applebee's is great!
b) Suggest a few options that don’t involve riblets.
c) Make alternate reservations at the newest omakase spot you've been dying to try, cancel the reservation she’s made, and email everyone to say, "You’re welcome".

2. What's in your brown-bag lunch?
a) Leftovers from last night’s greasy Chinese takeout.
b) A free-range egg-salad sandwich.
c) Microgreens and tweezers.

3. Your definition of gardening:
a) Growing mold on the leftovers in your fridge crisper.
b) Tending a vegetable patch planted with heirloom seeds.
c) Gardening is boring. Your forager knows all the best spots for candy cap mushrooms.

4. Your favorite restaurant has:
a) 1,500 seats. No reservations necessary.
b) A no-reservations policy; just hang out at the bar for 90 minutes until your table is ready.
c) No name. Take a left at the foreclosed driving school and head down the stairs by the trash cans. Knock seven times at even intervals and sneeze once. The rabbit tagliatelle is divine.

5. Which of the following have you DIY'd?
a) Toast.
b) Beer.
c) Aged prosciutto from a pig you raised on foraged hazelnuts.

6. Your favorite ice cream is:
a) Vanilla.
b) Salted caramel.
c) Fava bean with an aged-sherry swirl.

Mostly As: You're the anti-snob.

Mostly Bs: Not a slob, not yet a snob. (Good for you!)

Mostly Cs: You're so unbearable, your own mother won't invite you for Thanksgiving dinner.