Rebekah Lowin

One New York based bakery just introduced them.

Rebekah Lowin
May 10, 2017

When it comes to weird food, the last few months have probably broken some records.

There was the Unicorn Frappuccino, quickly followed by the Narwhal Frap, the Pink Pegasus Frap, and the Dragon Frap. There was wine-infused coffee, and there were coffee-infused bagels, too.

Oh, and try as we might, we may never be able to purge the image of the spaghetti doughnut from our minds. (Or, for this reporter, my tastebuds. *Shudders.*)

Now, another wacky food has arrived to join the legions of wacky foods before it. It's...drumroll, please!...a rose-shaped doughnut. And while it's currently only being sold at New York's Doughnut Plant, we're pretty certain the flowery pastry will join the likes of the cronut in inspiring copy-cat versions across the country. After all, Mark Isreal, the bakery's owner, is already known as a trendsetter—just last week, he created hundreds of miniature doughnuts for the Met Gala, and Doughnut Plant's unique-looking square doughnuts are already a New York Instagram staple.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, the bakery's debuting their "Doughflowers," which are, yes, shaped just like roses. They're yeast-based and there are several glaze options, all of which sound deliciously indulgent. The strawberry glaze contains fresh berries, the rose glaze is perfumed with rose water and contains edible flowers, and the Italian blood orange glaze is "sweet and tart with orange blossom water," according to a brief announcement of the Mother's Day promotion in the New York Times on Monday. 

And lest you think this will only last through the're not quite so savvy a marketer as Isreal, who seems to understand the longevity of unique, weirdly-shaped foods. He's decided to make the doughnuts available "indefinitely" at the Doughnut Plant's Lower East Side, Chelsea, Long Island City, Queens, and Prospect Heights locations.

Time will tell whether New Yorkers are keen enough on these flower-flecked beauties to make them go viral. In the meantime, for those of you not in New York, you can always try your hand at making doughnuts yourself.