A researcher in India invented edible spoons, sporks and chopsticks.
Edible Cutlery Bakeys
Credit: Courtesy of Bakeys

We are all about new ways to cut waste. We’ve come up with solutions for using leftover stems, peels and even cheese rinds. But what about disposable utensils? There are a few options: You could wash and reuse them, or invest in biodegradable versions and compost them yourself. Or, now, you could eat them: Groundwater researcher Narayana Peesapaty has developed a line of edible utensils called Bakeys.

Made with a mix of millet, rice and wheat flours and baked until hard and dry, the cutlery comes in a variety of shapes—ranging from sporks to spoons to chopsticks—as well as flavors like sugar, ginger-garlic and carrot-beetroot. One conceivable drawback: You’re potentially stocking your pantry with yet another box of food that’s just going to go bad and go to waste. But Bakeys products have a shelf life of over three years. They are also hard (but not so hard that you can’t bite into them), so they won’t dissolve in hot soup or tea.

In terms of cost, Peesapaty believes he can get Bakeys down to the price of plastic spoons. Once he starts selling in larger volumes, he plans on working with farmers and sourcing materials from them directly, which will help drive down the cost of production. For more information about Bakeys, watch the video below.